Tesoro Enterprises Inc - TSNP

Do you think TSNP will make it on Trading212 then?

Bump - if this has merged can it be listed?

Can this stock be listed yet? Or never? Its now or never in terms of really benefiting from this stock!

new additions are mostly on hold until the current offering have been fully fractional enabled which is targeted for the end of the quarter all this permitting. new additions in bulk will likely occur next quarter.

Its on pink list can you add it now ?

As you can see from your own screenshot, it isnt Penny Stock Exempt so it cannot be added.

Please add TSNP it is penny stock exempt

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It isn’t unfortunately.

Can you explain to me (I’m pretty new to trading) the difference between TANP & ATVK which is on the 212 list of instruments and has the same Pink status on the OTC official website?

I’m afraid 212 have missed the boat!

They haven’t missed the boat because it cannot be added.

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Thanks @krr13 for guiding me here. I´ve read the thread and now understand why TSNP cannot be added. However, meanwhile it rises another question: I´ve looked at ATVK on official OTC website, but it does not have “penny stock exempt” budge. How is it different from TSNP?

They come with a lot of regulatory scrutiny and are a burden to add. I suspect that it was too resource intensive to keep adding so a decision was made to only add Penny Exempt Stocks.

I get that, but ATVK is not Penny Exempt Stock as per website

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@Alexey did you read what I posted? I know there are some on there but I think it was becoming too much of a burden to keep adding more.

HMBL just launched in Mexico, so very soon hopefully the Tesoro shares will be Penny Stock Exempt and potentially be add to T212. Their business model could be a winner in Latin America region.

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Please add this. This month is launching.

Or you playing the sad game of penalyzing always the retails investors? And add it after is has done over 300%. Really sad.

@moonlight22 please take time to read the thread and you will understand that TSNP cannot be added.

Please can this stock TSNP be listed! it is really going up and we are all missing out!

No. For the reasons stated many times.