Tesoro Enterprises Inc - TSNP

Could you please add TSNP stock?


I also requested this. This stock will make us rich if they can just add it


Please add TSNP PLEASE


TSNP Tesoro, can we have this OTC stock added please.


Many people is asking for this one, unfortunately, the potential that was there from 2 days ago will be gone before the stock is added.

Quite possibly. Had a cracking day yesterday. Still lots of upside. 212, get it added please;-)


I would like to see this added too as there’s a lot of momentum building and it still has potential.

Oops, I meant to ask if this could be added to the ISA, please.

Come on guys, $TSNP is on fire, please can we get it added as soon as possible?

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This is a really high priority stock, I’d say!!
$ENZC too please!!
Thank you :hugs:


Yes it is, I’m ready to invest in it. What other platforms have this stock available?

Immediate account open and deposit: Saxo.
Cons: Commission of $25 per open and close.

FREEDOM24 as well (I’m not keen on them).

Otherwise, Fineco Bank and Firstrade but could be days to open.

I think Interactive Brokers but again, a wait to be set up and not able to see the instruments without a live account.

Sorry T212, I want you to have the business but someone asked…

Oh and Saxo is £500 minimum.

Wow, 25 bucks to just open and close!!

I love 212 for its low fees and the app, if the OTC stock offering was better it would be the best of the best.


Definitely! I only have a small amount to invest so $50 is a lot for me and I can’t reach the £500 threshold. But they do let you deposit fast. Be sure to link your bank for an easy withdrawal by sending a small amount by BACS. Otherwise, debit card is fastest. Good luck!! It’s exciting and I’ve just heard about CIIC too, EV buses. Exciting times!!!

$25 open, a further $25 to close.

Exactly, outrageous! I don’t think I can justify that, unless of course I make 100% on my investment😂

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I have asked for this one a week ago by email… It had over 300% growth from that day… Still waiting.

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Yep, really missing out on this.