Two stocks to add pls

Dear T212,
Can we pls add the following two Nasdaq listed technology stocks to the T212 platform please:

  1. Arco Platform ticker symbol: ARCE
  2. GDS Holdings Ltd ticker symbol: GDS

Many thanks!

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Have you looked into Vasta Platform? IPO was a couple of weeks ago.

Also, unrelated to the above companies but you also might be interested in KE Holdings. IPO was last week.

No I have not - thanks for bringing this to my radar - what do u like about them?

I am really interested in Arco Platform based on my research but annoying it is currently not available on T212 even though trades on Nasdaq so hopefully they can add this super fast!!! @Martin @PeterA

I’m guessing my interest in Vasta is similar to yours in Arco. EdTech is definitely on the rise and I’m looking at Brazil as an economy that perhaps doesn’t have that many competitors in that sector (I’ll caveat this right now that I have done no DD on Vasta yet but it is in the queue, hence I haven’t yet invested). Interestingly a quick look at both of their prospectuses and Arco claims to have presence in 3 of the top 10 schools in the country, ie. the quality; whereas Vasta boasts presents in >2k more schools, ie. the quantity.

KE Holdings I invested in yesterday. Essentially the Mov-8, RightMove, ESPC, PurpleBricks et al, of China. And they have the #1 market share. Their F-1 filing financials are really impressive and they have continued to turn a healthy profit even in the current year. Their main risks that I see are two-fold: 1) Trump! 2) the Chinese real estate market is built on more traditional processes and cultures, so they might take a while overthrowing the old model. But I think they can do it.

Ach I’m sure by now you know the situation with 212’s backlog. It’ll get there. Sometimes just a matter of requesting at the right time, sometimes if you moan enough they do it.

Perhaps Vasta might be of interest in the meantime. :slight_smile:

Thanks! One for my watchlist the ipo was just recently so will give casts some time to form a base - invested in Arco earlier while waiting to see how quickly T212 can get this added… fingers crossed xxx @Martin @David one to add soon pls!! Would be Much appreciated