The growth of really free investing

The growth of people investing with Trading 212 for free. Really free.

For the first time, commissions and fees are not eating up their investment.

For the first time, they can invest as little as £1 in even the most expensive stocks.


Started using T212 actively in January. Seeing solid profits since then. For me with a smaller portfolio, it is a real plus not to having to worry if you earned enough to break even on your commission.

Thanks guys for making this possible!

PS Even considering moving Oanda forex funds over to T212


Just being curious, is this for the invest (and isa) platform? Or does it include the CFD accounts, because thats the only way I see people leaving the platform (because they lost all their money). If someone is investing in shares where else would you want to go?

Over 90% of people trading CFDs lose money. You have to follow a good strategy and perform it with precision. Put FOMO aside. When a setup isn’t right, don’t open a trade.

These are daily active users (DAU) for Invest and ISA accounts. No CFDs.

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Very nice! And I honestly can’t see you slowing down for a long time. Thanks for opening up investing to everyone!


I thank you trading 212 for opening up a new world to me I an new at this but finding it really educational and interesting and I had a gut feeling a bout an item and you haven heleped me run with it and I have recommended you to all my friends on Facebook I also did the sharing thing and get rewarded £100 in shares ,I am just waiting to here back but I truly love the app ,thank you


Very nice. May I ask how many users does each horizontal grid line represent? Or is that confidential? I see no vertical axis labelling.

Thank you! You (Trading 212) has allowed me to invest and care about my money without wasting it with fees!

We can’t share the exact numbers. What I can share is that we are onboarding more clients than any other share dealing platform in the UK. This chart shows that they are sticking with us.


Thanks I guess? Here’s a tip for you; Grass is green.