The growth of really free investing

The growth of people investing with Trading 212 for free. Really free.

For the first time, commissions and fees are not eating up their investment.

For the first time, they can invest as little as £1 in even the most expensive stocks.


Started using T212 actively in January. Seeing solid profits since then. For me with a smaller portfolio, it is a real plus not to having to worry if you earned enough to break even on your commission.

Thanks guys for making this possible!

PS Even considering moving Oanda forex funds over to T212


Just being curious, is this for the invest (and isa) platform? Or does it include the CFD accounts, because thats the only way I see people leaving the platform (because they lost all their money). If someone is investing in shares where else would you want to go?

Over 90% of people trading CFDs lose money. You have to follow a good strategy and perform it with precision. Put FOMO aside. When a setup isn’t right, don’t open a trade.

These are daily active users (DAU) for Invest and ISA accounts. No CFDs.

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Very nice! And I honestly can’t see you slowing down for a long time. Thanks for opening up investing to everyone!


I thank you trading 212 for opening up a new world to me I an new at this but finding it really educational and interesting and I had a gut feeling a bout an item and you haven heleped me run with it and I have recommended you to all my friends on Facebook I also did the sharing thing and get rewarded £100 in shares ,I am just waiting to here back but I truly love the app ,thank you


Very nice. May I ask how many users does each horizontal grid line represent? Or is that confidential? I see no vertical axis labelling.

Thank you! You (Trading 212) has allowed me to invest and care about my money without wasting it with fees!

We can’t share the exact numbers. What I can share is that we are onboarding more clients than any other share dealing platform in the UK. This chart shows that they are sticking with us.


Thanks I guess? Here’s a tip for you; Grass is green.

Read this in the Financial Times today: Click on link to read (it is free to view)

A surge in savings during global lockdowns to combat the coronavirus pandemic drove record numbers of novice investors to DIY trading platforms. The number of retail investors in the UK grew 15 per cent this year to 6.5m, according to estimates by adviser Boring Money.

Meanwhile Trading 212, the UK’s largest zero-commission trading platform, grew from £100m in assets under management in January to £1.2bn by November, and added more than 600,000 investment and ISA accounts since January.

This is in the context of an article saying that brokers like Freetrade and Interactive Investor are complaining about being compared to ones that also carry CFDs on their platforms.

I read all the 81 comments. There was one even on complaining about not being able to buy ARK ETFs on Interactive Investor platform!

This is so annoying, fed up with all this crap. Just because a platform has CFDs does not mean that it’s a gambling platform, when it offers normal investing alongside it. Should a tennis club not be allowed to advertise Badminton because it’s a different type of racket game and can be misleading because it is a tennis club? Of course they can’t if they don’t offer badminton, but if they offer both then they need to be treated separately. No part of Trading 212’s invest or ISA tries to lure investors into CFDs. There’s no mention of it in the invest and it’s like a completely separate entity. If a tennis player wants to take up badminton at their own will, then this person is at fault for their own injury. Freetrade is just scared because they offer an inferior product right now and can’t compete:

(Tennis and Badminton wasn’t a good example, maybe something like road cycling and mountain biking? Assuming mountain biking is riskier)

Not really convinced (yet) but congrats

Nothing in life comes free

Let us all remain cautious

The future will tell

A cautious, open-minded investor is a good and lasting investor

I had this really great gunfight lined up today and was shocked to see my opponent brought a knife to it.

I don’t think that article from FT is evenly balanced. The Invest and CFD options on 212 at least are clearly kept separate.

In fact, if they took 2 seconds to setup an account, then when you figure out how to ‘switch’ from trading to CFD’s, it gives a very clear message before you start, that 76% of retail investors lose.

If the free trading part is funded by the profit from the CFD traders, then that’s at the choice of 212 how to run their business, and is of benefit to all retail users who trade stocks.

They are looking for a means to complain in my opinion, because the likes of Hargreaves and others, charge a trading fee and FX conversion fee in addition to spread and broker charges. By users like myself diversifying across platforms, they believe they are losing revenue. In reality, 212 and similar are levelling the playing field and allowing everyone to invest regardless how much they have.

The one thing missing from 212, is the ability to offer funds. That could potentially be resolved, and appease one of the bigger players, if say 212 had a similar deal to what Cavendish online had with Fidelity. I would happily move over all my assets under similar terms to have everything under one house. That was a 0.2% Fidelity platform fee, and a 0.05% Cavendish ‘advisor’ fee, which would essentially go to 212. Now that would be a game changer.

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