The hut group thg

I’m looking at investing in the hut group, they have recently gone public. They are an e-commerce company who own my protein and other wellness type businesses. I’m wondering if anyone in the community has any insight on them or think they are a good/bad investment. Cheers

Do a search, I’m sure there was quite a bit of chat about them around the time of the IPO.

I have done, can’t find much besides talk of the IPO thought there might be a few people who want to discuss further

Had a look at these? Can’t remember which one I’m thinking of.

I was considering to buy a good chunk simply because of the familiar brands underneath.
THG is at the moment at around 6Bn valuation, I want to look into a few quarterly results especially following their RAR from their software business that provides to big companies like PG. Margins in retail looks good but nothing amazing, if the software side holds their end of the bargain it is a buy for me.

But I, myself am not a buy and hold for a few months kind of investor, if I buy I’ll probably hold it for a decade if not longer, so IPO price and entry points are not that big of a criteria at this time.

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