GNUS Genius Brands

Guys I have bought and hold lots of shares but I just want to know what most of the people think about it. I think this is a great investment for the future but it will take them at least 1 - 3 years. Past is the past it’s all gone and now there is a new team…

So thoughts guys !

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I’m not in on this stock I’m afraid, but I love your conviction. It’s great to see someone thinking for themselves and not just going on hype. So I don’t have any advice, but kudos to you and I hope it works out.

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Played it a few times and made nice profit, holding 375 at a dreadful $2.7 atm. Hopefully can bring that avg way down. Managed to get out at $3.6 before the call though, wish we had access to pre-market when it was above $4.

I’m hoping we see a few more pump and dumps before it’s ditched. I personally don’t like holding this for more than a couple weeks max.


Buy that and never think about it again, could be the new Disney with illuminati going down :blush::joy:

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:joy: I have zero confidence in the stock. For me it’s a playing with fire :fire: don’t get holding bags stock. I really don’t want to be stuck holding it just hoping. I stop buying if it goes above $3 and I’m ready to sell all.

I’ve found it fairly easy to read, but I cocked up loading up again too soon.

Far better safe stocks for long term holding.

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:joy::joy: shouldn’t be anywhere near it haha but obvs up to you, they need a big name to
Come in and get them out of that ditch not them old time players where kids today don’t have a clue who they are

It’s worth me staying in as ive done DD and understand the stock (well as much as I’m prepared) so it’s not just :crossed_fingers: and hoping. It can still make a few swings so if it can give me a few more grand I’m happy.

It’s my best short term along with MARK atm.
Don’t know if Iv gone in too early again at $1.88 yesterday but a nicer entry on it. Might hold that till $3.8

That’s all that matters and booking those profits haha but I’m in on MARK long anything to do with ai, I’m holding haha what are your thoughts about ideanomics??? I don’t know what to think I’m in for the ride tho

I like IDEX a lot, I got alerted by kamstocks on stocktwits when he was pumping it so it was fairly obvious about to tip near $3. Its probably soon to get in, $1.1 was my target for it to bleed back to. I need to do more DD on it though, might research it today.

Anyway this is a GNUS thread so I won’t derail it anymore. :rofl:

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It’s mad how it’s getting bashed so much, they must really be making moves, I’m in at $1.8 I should of got rid at 3 but I was greedy, I have done research etc so I’m happy to average down

And oh yeah haha !

I wish I had also stayed with my first pump and dump and not bought into anymore. Love a bit of hindsight.

Holding at $2.69 and unlike others when they are low I top up with this one I’m not so hoping it soars (briefly) and I can sell. Even at $3 and I’d get shut.

I felt great conviction at first but my passion and subsided. Do what you will in the future Genius - I’m not going to be with you :rofl: The slowest of burners and I prefer mines now! Although I do think they stand for good things with education cartoons and relevance for kids.

Hope it all works out.

Oops that’s not aimed at you @phildawson butter fingers!! :woman_facepalming:t2:


This pretty much sums up my attitude and facial expressions holding Genius in my portfolio - just climb to $3 and I can sell you!!

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I’ll take $2.40 at this point. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Could average down but I’m waiting for the moment before I throw anything at it.

No volume today, and it’s trapped under a 2.00 wall.

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Yeah to be honest I’m happy to break even and call it quits.

I can’t watch it anymore it’s too boring.

I keep thinking to average down but then I think no because I can’t bare to use anymore money on it and that I want to use in more exciting things - like cider! :woman_shrugging:t2:
Unless it does have a plummet, but all this boring bobbing around…meh!

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This 5m/15m sums up today :sleeping:

1hr showing the RSI dragging in over sold around 20

4h looks scary that it could fill a gap to $1.50 and meet the 200 SMA

Hasn’t been any real volume for a while now, just a slow bleed.

It was only the start of this month it got pumped, smaller mini pumps 10th and 15th.

Feels like forever. :neutral_face:

Anyway I’m not worried about it, I can see it going back over $2.4. But might have to stop looking whilst it potentially goes lower than $2 until we see some significant news or :lion: comes out of the shadows to give it a good pump.

Looking at the Market cap its 435 Million at $2 a share. That seems to be pushing it for what it is.

Needs something special if its going to whip up enough hype to get over $3-12 range again.

Some pretty heavy sells atm trying to drive it down atm :eyes: thats as interesting as it gets

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Down down down. Sell sell sell. Lovely. Just the opposite of what I want to happen :unamused:

They need to get the ball rolling, bring out another “story” for buyers to buy more. Some exciting news is definitely needed.
Need another one day soar and I’ll be done and leaving them behind.

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