“the maximum remaining quantity for long positions with this instrument is 0”

It’s been an ongoing issue with certain stocks

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I tried also to buy some long CFD positions in several momentum stock’s and got the same message! Only shorting was allowed!

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It’s not an intermittent problem; it’s not been possible to long any of the major stocks for at least 2 months.

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crazy, even Indices can not be bought… it is risk protection for the client again… ??? this after the app crashing two days back and not letting me bring additional fund transfers to avoid margin call and I lost all the money?

The last few days… has given me my long awaited answer.

Thank you

Why has t212 restricted the ability to buy silver cfd’s. Sells open buys restricted.?

I want to know why I can’t buy silver please. Before I find a platform that does allow me to.

We have discussed this within other threads, but I will reply here as well - the maximum trading quantities of all CFD instruments are dynamic and reflect our current market risk evaluation. As a regulated company, we have to be in tune with the regulatory requirements for capital adequacy and market exposure.

LEGEND!!! Capital.com Interface/GUI is user friendly too

Should have got your referral link

I’ll have a referral link please

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I’d like a referral link too please.

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I’m not even sure why my post was flagged. I simply stated that another platform had a nice interface\GUI and it had tradable stocks.

Imagine that, a platform with a nice GUI and allows you to trade with no restrictions. Sounds amazing. I think they’ve got the basic concepts correct.

When I first joined this community other platforms were discussed and compared freely.

You’re right - let me bring back the post and remove the flag.

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Can someone from trading212 comment on why the restrictions on long for QQ? Can’t buy one more but can always short.

It wasn’t listed as one of our volatile stocks…

Update on this would be welcome.


Can anyone from Trading212 update please?

As explained earlier in the thread

Why are Short CFD positions on GME restricted again? Why is it one day ok, then the other day restricted again. Why is there no consistency and why are T212 Customers on the CFD treated like they dont exist?

Currently on IBKR, if you want to short GME, you need to pay double the value in margin, so they practically restricted shorting.