Thoughts On CRSP?

Another one IMO is BNGO.

My favourite has to be monster munch. Not just the shape, but the flavour.


Tomato ketchup walkers, but they’re not around enough for my liking


Have you seen anything on precision biosciences (DTIL) in your research?
I’ve a few bio/Pharma stocks and I had these guys with a better chance than CRSP of being a multi-bagger.

As I recall they were touting their version of gene editing as having food related uses as well as medicinal.

I haven’t to be honest, the space is still extremely new to me so I’m all ears for any advice.

I just had a butchers at DTIL, what’s the reason for the big dip over a few year period? You’re right if they nail something though as the market cap is still extremely low.

I’d be hesitant to class anything that comes out of my mouth as advice!

Took up a position last April and have sold off and bought back in. Now I’m looking to accumulate for a while with a longer term outlook. I’m not so sure why it’s been so up and down. It takes a hit with other growth names whenever there’s inflation worries or the like. It can also catch some of the negative sentiment whenever there’s disappointing news from a gene therapy drug trial (even if it’s not based on their technology). There were mentions that the CEO didn’t have the right experience to guide the company as they developed. He said he was stepping down a few months ago and a new ceo was announced yesterday…

It feels like gene therapy is going to be the future, or at least play a massive part in healthcare going forward. Every company I’ve worked with/for are expanding into the field.

It’s still early days really but I can see the area getting more and more focus as treatments/cures get approved. I need to look in to institutional ownership as well. I don’t think DTIL got the same publicity as CRSP so I’m hopeful of having a respectably low cost basis.

I’m pretty sure that these low/mid caps will surely just get acquired long term?

There are some CRSP rumours and a lot of insiders scooping up shares which is a good sign

I guess acquisition is very common within the Pharma world. I was working with a 30bn market cap company which was acquired by a 60bn market cap company which in turn was acquired by another company. All within a matter of months.

Not sure if it holds true for the software and I guess methodology companies that support traditional Pharma.

CRSP price not damaged too much by yesterday’s earnings it seems!

I didn’t think the earnings was until the end of the month?

My mistake you’re right - that’s what I get for trawling stocktwits late at night.

Ha! Good old Stocktwits; it’s great for sentiment (and rude Americans)

I open my first position @US$92.53. Let ride it from here. If they are falling again around US$80 I will bite again.

Lol to day already up Already 3.42%.

"the stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient"?

Only buy on the dip. But sometimes it is also not working as they keep dropping like Alibaba (BABA) from last year until about a month ago.