Thoughts On CRSP?

Hi all,

Has anyone here looked at CRSP in much detail?

I’ve had it on the watchlist for a looooong time and it’s came in a lot of late.

I’m usually really risk averse, but I’m trying to take real small position in some companies that could be multi baggers.

The market cap is pretty small but they haven’t got any real products on sale as of yet

They do however have a lot of drugs nearly at the marketing phase.

General opinion, Biotech and Risk Averse will not go hand on hand.

Their financial is relatively good

CRSP’s short-term assets exceed its long-term liabilities
CRSP’s operating cash flow is sufficient to service the company’s debt
CRSP’s debt relative to shareholder equity has decreased or remained constant compared to 5 years ago.
CRSP’s debt to equity ratio is considered acceptable
CRSP’s revenue has grown faster than the US Biotechnology industry average

Wall street Analyst price target
Min Forecast $132.00+29.42%
Avg Forecast $161.89+58.73%
Max Forecast $187.00+83.35%
But it is probably worthy a punt if the price drop significantly 100% below (say) the WA analyst avarage price target to offset the risk beeing in BioTech industry.

CRSP is one of the ARK Invest main holding.

But more institutional investors are dumping their shares in two consecutives quartal might be a red flag. So it might be important to do further investigation why they are dumping their shares

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I actually like CRSP and have a small holding from 2019. My problem with it is more related to market dynamics, the ark invest lady and indirectly her fanbois can manipulate this stock, especially considering it’s small market cap.

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IMHO, with the current stock price of the CRSP, the market cap is 7.77b. It is more like a Upper midcap. It is not easy to move the stock price with such market cap with relatively good avarage trading volume.

Unless the institutions willing to do that want to take a significat risk themselve.


I somewhat agree, and disagree :slight_smile: for the last 3 months, the maximum volumes I see is around 3M which is not a lot, and like I said I would not worry about a single fund/person much but this cult like blind following at this current time of reddit/moon gang is unpredictable at best.

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There were some concerns recently about the way the sequencing works, which I’m currently trying to learn about not being a bio scientist.

CRSP method seems to be similar to their competitors, but in doing so may pose alternative health risks.

I’ve got my iPad on whilst working trying to learn abit more about it.

Thanks for both your inputs. I think I’m going to get a share today just to keep my interested and if it tanks no bother. If I like the more I read I’ll DCA for a while.

The investors presentation looks interesting, I’ll also give this a read and post anything I find interesting on this thread.

I’m in deep ya’ll. 1.25 shares :sunglasses:

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@Jobloggs Really advise to listen/read this “Hacking Darwin” book, will give a good idea where this thing is going:


I actually bought this on release as hardcover (yes I do still buy books, and don’t have a kindle :frowning:) but haven’t get around to reading it yet.


Thanks I’ll give it a bash. Hopefully my little brain can handle it!

I’ve listened to a few of Joudnas interviews now and it’s pretty mind blowing!

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I’m the same, can beat a book!

My bookshelf has a vast array of options from Gibbons decline and fall and the Roman Empire to Harry Potter

7investing podcast did a nice episode on gene editing. IMO I think there will be a few winners. Crispr, Beam, editas, intellia all seem in the mix.

The episode explains the different types of editing…

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It looks like an important update incoming on 12th October on the CTX110 programme, which I believe is one of the programmes to treat cancer. (I’m still learning but it’s all pretty interesting reading actually)

Beam seems to work slightly different to the others and there seems to be initial indicators that Beams method maybe better? Unsure of the credentials of the article

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7investing podcast had the founder of beam on, so he certainly sold it that way. Very compelling tbf

I think SMT have a tiny tiny stake in Beam if I remember correctly? I do take solace if they like some of my picks :sweat_smile:

ASML, Ginko, Lilium etc

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I’ll give that podcast you’re referring to a bash! And it’s certainly always nice to get some endorsement in picks!

I must admit im well outside of my comfort zone with my last 3 investments (although they’re incredibly small). Most of my portfolio is built up of VUSA to put it in perspective.

But let’s see how the 12th goes, hopefully they’ll be some some positive data.

It also looks like Woods loaded on Beam and CRSP also on Friday. That’s only an endorsement depending on your view of Ark in fairness.

$bomn is my largest position. Diversified but growing nicely…a few motley fool and 7investing guys seem to like them too. Albeit it’s probably not their largest position. (Not at all crispr related but if like vusa they might be nice to look at)

New CFO and some take over rumours :ok_hand:

I will follow you when CRSP drop to below $92, e.g around the next resistance level.

I have set up the limit order to take that position. If they do not fall below that price, never mind I will find another opportunity.
52-week price range US$ 84.38 - 220.20 make it $92 is overwhelmingly good reward vs risk.

Unlike many other Biotech companies, CRSP is in a good financial shape.

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Love Crispr as an industry, there’s a lot to choose from with Crispr T. Beam, Intellia, editas etc so I’d appreciate some consolidation so we can see who the future winners maybe :thinking:

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