TILS listing moving to NASDAQ - will t212 still support?

Hi, Tiziana Life Sciences (TILS) has announced a corporate action which will involve the stock getting delisted and moved to NASDAQ. This is poised to happen during October.
Can anyone confirm whether T212 will move us over automatically, and continue to support trading of this stock thereafter?

It is not as simple as changing exchange. The shares will be replaced by shares in a new company (New Tiziana), and cosoildated (1:2).
Has that been voted on? Are the dates confirmed?

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When it comes to similar corporate events and the newly issued shares go public, they will be sold and the proceeds distributed to eligible shareholders. This is expected to happen in late October and as usual, we’ll share upcoming news below.

Hi, so you mean we will have no choice, our holdings will be forcibly sold by T212? The share price has tanked in recent days so lots of people are currently sitting on a big loss! This isn’t fair - why can’t we continue to hold onto the stock after it moves across to NASDAQ?
Also, could you confirm which date will the holdings be sold on - is it on the date the stock is delisted from LSE (which I think is 21st Oct), or the date on which it is admitted onto NASDAQ?

@Bogi.H any further news on the above please? What about if we want to transfer out this stock out to another broker? I hear that other brokers have already informed their clients in advance about what action they will be taking regarding TILS. But complete silence so far from t212? Thanks.

Stock transfers are not currently supported.

Does it was ever possible to transfer in/out to/from T212? :wink:

It seems users don’t know the conditions of the services they are using.

Has anybody had any correspondence from Trading212 concerning this delisting today?

I’m aware of their policy on this action but would at least expect a note on my account or an email.

It will be delisted at close of play tonight and although there is a 3% rise today on the buy price the spread has grown to give a 10 to 15% drop on the sell price.

Indeed El_pequeno, no info has been forthcoming, this corporate action seems to be a bit of special case hence the reason why I raised an enquiry here in the first place!
As mentioned, other brokers have furnished news to their clients for some weeks now regarding what they are going to do, but not Trading212!