TLCC Why could I not buy?

212 You have some explaining to do. I tried to buy TLCC on Thursday Screenshot_20210207-041003_Chrome|225x500

Those details are correct it has basically zero liquidity.

Looks like one person sold at 0.0001 back in Jan and one person bought in Feb and paid 0.44

When you see no quote and 0.00000 don’t expect that for free :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The quotes come in via Bloomberg.

No explanation required. A little bit of research on your own part is what is required.

As @phildawson (happy cake day) has pointed out this is an extremely liquid stock hence why you couldn’t find a seller for your trade and also why the price hasn’t updated for a while.


Thanks @krr13

It looks like it was two a couple hours apart. I wouldn’t feel too bad for them the volume at 0.44 was tiny.

Based on the exchange rate I would say they wasted exactly £250

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How about T212 would even allow me to place an order. I’d understand if it was placed and sat pending, couldn’t even get that far. @krrrrr14

I’m more interested as to why you would want to buy an illiquid stock?

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If I had to guess its because its allowing X.XXXXX (5 places) and the instrument only takes X.XXXX (4 places)

price > 0	0.0001

@Rumen any idea why IB is preventing orders on this instrument?

@UberSteve are you getting “Cancelled” or “Rejected” as the message back? If you still REALLY want to attempt to buy, could try a limit with four places of precision?

If you were market buying then :man_shrugging:

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