Unfavourable execution prices


A number of small UK companies are listed on 212 but are unable to be purchased to prevent unfavourable execution.

I understand why this is a problem especially with liquidity at all time lows in UK small cap.

However can we have a route to request ability to re-instate the ability to purchase such stocks? Just seems like the broker you use has halted and will only bring things back if prices rise again, but if i want to purchase knowing liquidity is an issue, would be good if it was still possible as long as I am aware of the risk?

I’m struggling to understand.

Are you simply complaining about lack of liquidity or bid/offer spread… which are factors of the market nothing to do with T212?

If its about execution price use limit orders

Other than that I really don’t understand what you are asking (sorry)

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This doesn’t make much sense - 212 provide us Direct Market Access through their partner, which means our trades sit on the exchange waiting to match with others. If the liquidity on the exchange is too low, or there are no counterparties looking to match with your trade, then your trade will not execute.

So for example Westminster Group is listed on trading 212. It says on the instrument ‘Buy orders are temporarily suspended to avoid unfavourable execution’

So i have a position in this stock but was not allowed to average down at all time lows, and now i still cant but, only sell. But I dont want to sell i wanted to buy…

@Team212 Please can you execute thanks



but the price is still showing 153.8 :thinking:

@bmbm365, I get your point, yet instruments like Westminster Group are placed in Close-only due to a risk of price slippage and delays in the execution of orders.

@Zrtz, I’ll need a piece of additional information to get a better understanding of the situation :face_with_monocle: I’ll DM you shortly.