Top S&S ISA providers

Good to see Trading 212 ranked 4th amongst self-select stocks and shares ISA providers by the Sunday Times today.

Our star ratings show which products have the lowest fees and charges overall. To calculate them, we look at all the costs associated with using that ISA provider. Half of the score is based on the ongoing annual costs of having a self-invested stocks & shares ISA.


Oddly (or not) much higher than my other brokerages, but then again I hold on to them because they offer smaller shares or exchanges not available on 212, but mainly because I like to invest in OEICs as well.

Big question is for 2021-2022 stick with T212


That question will be answered differently depending on your circumstances, goals and in what you want to invest. Do you care about being able to transfer in and out in specie? Maybe not, if you are essentially saving for the time you cash out in retirement or for a specific big purchase.

Trading 212 is still a cheaper place to buy and hold Vanguard ETFs than the Vanguard platform itself. It is the cheaper place to buy and hold US stocks, even with 0.15% fx fee. ISAs were designed as Individual Savings Accounts. Some people use them as Trading accounts, even for US stocks, but that is not so attractive as it was since one can only hold GBP in an ISA and fx fees will mount.

Personally, I use ISA for long term savings and fill them with the least risky parts of my portfolio, mainly ETFs and US stocks I plan to hold on to for a long time.

Agree with above. I don’t think personally that I can open a S&S ISA with 212 until I have the option to transfer out if the terms of the contract change so that 212 are no longer favourable to myself. I don’t want to risk topping up and losing my ISA allowance because I can’t transfer holdings inspecie.

I do however take advantage of the 12.3k uk CGT allowance and switch between similar ETFs to maximise the use of that and the excellent fee rates provided to us. The ETF platform costs are effectively free and second to none.

Edit: Can I transfer my ISA to another broker? – Trading 212

Interesting we can transfer cash in/out free of charge… I need to rethink my plans.

Yes, transfer out in cash is possible and no big disaster. To sell and buy can lose a bit on the spread, say 0.10% of £20k is £20, and time out of market, (which short term luck could make a help rather than hindrance). Some other brokers are just as costly. AJ Bell will transfer in specie but charges £9.99 per position. Platforms with in specie transfer tend to have higher platform fees.

Yes, transferring liquid ISAs, not in-specie, I think has been available since the start.

Barclays appears quite high up on the list, but as far as I am aware they only do UK shares!
No international equities.