Transferring isa to trading 212

I have an isa value of about £15k and want to transfer to my trading 212 stocks isa.

Good idea or not ?

You’ve not given any context so how can anyone give any advice?

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Here is my opinion (not advice):

  • ISA S&S is very competitive, both for direct fees (none) and indirect ones (very small). It also offers a very wide range of instruments, making it a good fit for many different types of investors and certain types of traders

  • Cash ISA with 5% EAR paid DAILY is a dream come true for savers that may have to withdraw from time to time.

In general, read reviews and compare fees (not just subscription). Also, look into T212 business model and make sure you are comfortable with it. Finally, T212 offers other product as well and have new ones in the pipeline, they might be of interest for you.