Tortoise Acquisition Corp. II (SNPR) Files For IPO

Not how it works. This is a totally new stock - Tortoise Acquisition Corp II. As in the 2nd one.

So the first Tortoise Acquisition company is SHLL and merging with Hyliion.

Tortoise Acquisition II is a second acquisition company formed by the same management with a new ticker (SNPR) and eventually a new merger target.


Ah thanks for the explanation!

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Hi Can we buy SNPR. U in T212 to buy ? Cant find then under stock list. Thank you

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Tortoise Acquisition Corp. II (SNPR)

why is it still not added to the platform ?

Did you read @Lonelynx 's reply? Or the chat threads contained in it?

It hasn’t been close to 52 days yet.

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No, but I just did, thanks