Trade Chat in app

Hi T212, I’m in quite a few discord’s for trading many have 50k plus peops in.

Are you looking at trade chat integration such as RH do or the Stocktwits app etc?

There’s a huge gap for this in U.K. we still seem to use Facebook !

This maybe to much development for the current app but certainly should be considered for longer term development.


As long as the feature can be 100% disabled. I’ve tried a few discord trading servers and they are the worst things ever.

“Guyz should I buy hertz? Is stonk going up???!!!”

“WIRECARD good buY now? Should I put my life savings in Wirecard??!!”

“wAt do you think about GNUS?”

“Aston Martin very cheap now, u should buy shares NOW!!!1!1!”

“should I sell all my stonks? I am at a $0.03 loss is 2nd wave coronavirus coming??!?”


Im on a daily day trades discord one. And it’s quite good. More about learning than the green talk all the time.

I’ve also joined another one which is just like you say so I won’t renew that one.

Stocktwits can temp check some picks and I’ve found some good winners there where message volume is building- but you do have to ignore the language!