Friendly Discord Server for T212 Users

Hi all,

We have a small community run Discord server for Trading 212 users. We have about 340 users at the moment and are a friendly bunch who try and help each other with queries/stock info. Open to new and experienced traders alike. Link below :slight_smile:


Just signed up myself.

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Just joined but I don’t see any places for discussion, it’s all read only.

My bad, had to accept the rules, which I didn’t

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Tried but was got Invite Invalid?

May as well share my one too! (Doesn’t expire)

Good idea, I’ll join over the coming days

The link has expired, possible to get a new link to join please?

Link expired … please add/update. Thx

still says expired …

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Last invitation expired. Can you post a new one please?

Thanks, I was able to join now.

You’ll have to look on their YouTube but DumbMoney for social arb investing

invite expired again.

Sorry all, realised the previous invites had an expiry after 1 day. New link below that doesn’t expire.

Bump :slight_smile:

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Check out the Investing Chat discord server. I’ve been running it for almost two years now and we’ve got over 500 members, mostly from T212, Freetrade and Reddit UK Investing forums. Recent comment from one user:

“This is the best investing channel that I know of. Everyone is respectful. There are some great insights. Plus structured sentences are a rare commodity!”


I accepted the rules but nothing :confused:

Might also link ours aka The Briscord. I think it is the largest UK Trading 212 Discord server with over 2,000 members.

@buckles it’s worth editing your original post with the current active discord link so people can click/select straight away, as others posting discord links on T212 tend to be promoting their youtube videos/channel/merch/etc :wink:

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