Trading 212 community app

Hi are use able to make an app for the community instead of website as I think could be more user friendly and easier to navigate, communicate etc ??? Just a thought

On android when you have the community forum open you can go to the tools and install the site to home screen this creates an app icon on you home screen and functions like it was an app.


Top one in the photo is the community and bottom is the normal trading app.

Imagine the perfect confusion if the logo was the same size in both :stuck_out_tongue:

Then those on the side of light will struggle to touch the dark to make money and those on the dark side will forever be excommunicated xD just kidding, we all know the dark side has many spies :wink:

haha havent got an android!

I believe you can do the same thing on iphone as well assume that’s what you use

where is tools?
do i have to go into desktop view ?

Open the forums in the internet browser then click on the square with an arrow coming out of it at top right. Then say add to home screen.

i dont think it works on iphone, nothing there

My girlfriend was able to do it, click the share button (the box with the arrow pointing up) and there’s add to home screen. I’ll send screen shots of you need

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You definately can do it I just did a test on iphone and ipad.

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yeah please, i honestly cannot see it haha

Asked her to send you them but for some reason her accounts now been put into hold here for trying to send you screenshots :man_shrugging:t4: @Amanda
Here you go:


ahhh no way, im on brave browser so it doesnt come up haha ill go on safari now and do it, that is so much better always having to leave a tab open and typical


Ahhh makes sense, was no problem to her on Safari or me on Chrome

Yeah I’ve done it now so much easier and I actually can’t believe all this time i could of done this with loads of other web pages :face_with_head_bandage: it’s crazy how much you actually don’t know what your phone can do haha !


Well me dno about you, but thanks man!


Might be worth discourse app if you are on other forums. Helps tell you when you have a new message or unread etc


Interesting, didn’t know there was a Monzo forum, is it any use?

It’s a bit of mess tbh, you might find out about things before general public, and learn more about how it works if interested.

It feels like about 5% of it is actually Monzo or bank related at times and just a soap box or general forum tbh.

The staff really don’t bother to get involved much, they do occasionally create threads but there’s barely any interaction or follow to them which is disappointing. Great ideas get lost and it’s impossible to know what’s been taken onboard. You get the my account has been frozen for no reason threads for :popcorn:, which usually is because the person has been trading crypto and triggered AML checks.

Anyway now that Simon Balmain has a new job the forum isn’t quite the same.

Well I’ve used it a bit :sweat_smile: don’t think I’ve actually read every single 71.4k posts, lol

It was more interesting back when Starling had a forum and the battle between them, and seeing Starling roll out Anne occasionally with a look at me a CEO posting on a Sunday in a forum. They probably made the correct choice in shutting it down.

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