I'm new here, old Tradebird user, Amazing to see this Forum Grow!

Hello guys,

Nice to meet you all! I wonder how many of you came from the Tradebird back in the day, so many trading buddies lost, alot of great memories too! It was the place I learned trading, that evolved over the months & years into my currect trading strategy (More focus on long term trades and using the long term profits to buy more indices/stocks/commodities to grow my trading account over the years) I take profits, but at a ratio/balanced way that my account can keep growing.

Unfortunately there is no mobile app for this community forum, I do hope it comes in the future!
I hope to learn new things here, and maybe even be helpful to others! Share my knowledge & strategy in detail. My gratitude to the people behind Trading212 for making this forum. :+1:


If you have android then a community app is effectively already present.


Welcome :wave:

The forum software is Discourse btw

There is an app which tells you when you have a new message if useful.

How did I not know this and where do I get it? 🤦

Um the Google Play store for Android, App store for Apple I assume? :sweat_smile:

It’s just a notification app and launches the specific forum. I used to have a few more like Curve forum, and of course FT before getting kicked off it by the CMO. :roll_eyes:

Don’t want to hype it up anymore than that as you can’t browse directly it’s still opening up Brave/Chrome etc

Oh, if it’s just opening chrome then I already do that anyway. 🤷

Glad to hear that you have good memories from Tradebird. We had big plans for it and we worked really hard to make it work but we couldn’t handle the toxicity. While this forum uses a standard community platform, the people are great and the atmosphere is so much better.


No it’s an android app. Same icon as the trading app but with a white background, rather than black.

So it opens chrome or not? I’m confused haha

Doesn’t open Chrome. Looks similar but is not Chrome;

On Android its simply a launcher so if I click on the row it’ll basically launch the website in my default browser on my phone which is Brave.

That’s odd, I’m on Android but there is no browser launch on mine, only the app, ie. there aren’t any other brower tabs that can be opened, purely just the forum.

Might be as I don’t have Chrome :thinking:

On mine it’s just a launcher, even when you click the bell icon and see the replies it’s opening the forum in Brave rather than reading directly inside the app.

What happens on yours when you switch to dark mode in the bottom right?

Is it just black on this or the forum too?

No sorry I meant the icon is white-backed.

Yeah :joy: we are talking about two different things, I’m on about the Discourse app from the Google store that aggregates all forums you might be on, and I think you’ve just hit add to home screen which you can do on any site to get a chromeless version without the address bar etc

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Ah okay. Good to know if I join any other forums!

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