Trading 212 Debit Card. How do I access it?

Hi. I have received an email saying that “I’m in” and that I can get my Trading 212 Debit Card ‘now’, but when I log in I cannot find any indication or location of where the card is, how to access it or how to order a physical card. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Hey, @SunnySide :wave:

If you don’t see anything within the app, you’re most likely using your ISA. Try switching to the Invest account and you’ll be able to see the card’s tab and order it :raised_hands:

Ok, Thank you. I see it now under Invest. Thank you. So the card debits the uninvested funds held in your Invest account and not uninvested funds held in an ISA account? Correct? I guess that makes sense, but just confirming.

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Yes, that’s right - the card is linked to your Invest account and the free funds in it.

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Thanks. Understood. I have ordered a physical card.