Withdrawing to a different account

I initially started to invest with a debit card, I then started to deposit through my credit card just due to balancing my accounts and knowing what’s in and out and where.

Upon further realising that Trading 212 does not let you withdraw the funds to different account you deposited with, I understand the policy around security but their must be some level of flexibility around this to get the funds withdrawn to a current account ? Spoke to support doesn’t seem to help?

As I don’t want to withdraw to my credit card, it now does not come up with my debit card, I rather withdraw any funds to a debit card is their a way to change the options that come up for withdrawals?

Has anyone had this issue and if so what have you done to resolve this?


One thing to note, using some Credit Cards for withdrawal(refund*) can bare fees, so hopefully you did DD before using CC and checked that you wouldn’t be charged Fee by your CC house…


Actually it is more in question how it is proceeded, if you deposit 1000$ via CC, then you have gains and total value of 1700$, if it is possible to withdraw more than original 1000$ back to CC, how it is processed if you want to withdraw 1700$, as far as I know transaction to withdraw to Credit Card is payback, not sure if it can be more then original transaction(s).