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If im trading in CDF’s how many trades per month i can do without paying any fees and what fees have you on more trades. Let’s say 100+ trades per month (exemple). Thank you!

Hello, @Robert! We are totally commission-free, it doesn’t matter how many trades per month you made. Keep in mind, that currency conversion fee will apply if your account is in EUR and you’re trading instruments in USD, for example. Here, you can see all the specifics related to your inquiry :v:

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@Martin Maybe you can answer my question about currency conversion fee.

The currency conversion is applied only once - at the position closure. If the position is still open, it is included in the live result. To use your example:

  • Your account is in GBP

  • You are opening a long position with the Apple CFD at 241.27 USD

  • You exit the position at 245.35 USD

  • The USD/GBP exchange rate at the closure of the position is: 0.8126

  • The quantity is 10 units

In order to calculate the result of the position in USD you apply the following formula: quantity * (closing price - opening price) = 10 * (245.35 USD - 241.27 USD) = 10 * 4.08 USD = 40.8 USD

In order to convert the result, you have to subtract the 0.5% conversion fee from the exchange rate first: 0.8126 - 0.5% = 0.8085
Thus your result in GBP looks like this: 40.8 USD x 0.8085 = 32.99 GBP

P.S. If the position is still open, you have to substitute ‘closing price’ with ‘current price’ in the formula

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Thank you. That is very clear.

I assume that if the position makes a loss then the exchange rate is increased by 0.5%. Eg 0.8126 + 0.5% = 0.8167. So a loss of 40.80 USD becomes a loss of 33.32 GBP.