Trading 212 profitability

I saw that Trading212 is now fully profitable. And i was just wondering, would Trading212 still be profitable if CFD ever got fully removed, or if everyone stopped using it? Just out of curiosity.
[CLOSED] im dumb and didnt read other psit properly :’)

Did you see this thread?

The share service itself is now profitable, unless we somehow all misunderstood the post

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Is that not including CFD profit aswell though?


“Our Invest & ISA services are profitable”

CFD is not part of Invest & ISA services

If it was only profitable once combined with CFD then the post wouldn’t have said “Our Invest & ISA services are profitable”, it would have said “Our Invest & ISA services lose money but CFD gains enough to make us profitable overall”

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Oh my bad then that’s great news I didn’t read it throuroughly enough. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if it fully answers your question though. It doesn’t exactly define profitable. Does it mean it’s covering the costs of operating the invest and ISA? Or does it mean it can cover staff costs and other overheads as well. I’d assume the former. If CFD was removed I wouldn’t say the business could still pay all of its fixed expenses. But it’s getting close.

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Good point, didn’t think about that, I guess just covers operating but who knows