Trading in ISA after moving abroad


I was wondering if I am able to continue trading using the existing funds inside my ISA if I were to move abroad or will my positions be set to ‘Sell-only’?

Meaning that if I have £20,000 in cash/stocks in my ISA as of today, and I were to move to a different country for work. Will I be able to buy and sell using the £20,000 inside my ISA?

I know from the site that I will be able to retain my ISA, but not be allowed to add new funds into the ISA and will be subjected to the tax rules of the new country. (luckily for me capital gains is tax free in the said country) But I was unsure if I could continue trading with the existing funds in trading212.

I saw this comment here: Trading whilst traveling - #15 by Bogi.H that says I should be able to trade freely with existing funds but I just wanted to verify this or if anyone had any personal experience with this process.


Hello, Melvin,

You are correct that you can invest with the already deposited funds in your account for the current tax year.

On the contrary, you can contribute the remaining of your allowance until the end of the current 2021/22 tax year, but you won’t be able to deposit new funds after the tax year in which you have moved abroad.