Trading whilst traveling


Is there anyone that can tell me what restrictions exist for using 212 to trade whilst abroad im a registered user in the UK but if I was to do long term traveling abroad how will this affect me being able to execute trades on the app?

Many Thanks.


I am very interested in this as well. What happens if I move back to Europe. Will I have to close my ISA? Will my general investment account still be active due to the fact that you also operate in Europe?

Check this link out - very helpful:

Thanks for the reply. I have read this but there are certain companies that do not allow you to keep you ISA with them while abroad e.g. Vanguard and Freetrade. There are other that do allow you to keep it e.g. HL. And actually HL, Degiro allows you to have a GIA and still contributing while living in the EEA. For me this would be a major differentiator. I want to keep all of my accounts with a firm that will not cause me to close my accoutns while moving back to EEA.

Can anyone from Trading212 comment on this please? :slight_smile:

@iaak1983 There aren’t any restrictions to use our app abroad. Enjoy your trip.

@datageek it depends whether you’re about to change your tax country. I’ll DM you to discuss further the topic.

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