Trading whilst traveling


Is there anyone that can tell me what restrictions exist for using 212 to trade whilst abroad im a registered user in the UK but if I was to do long term traveling abroad how will this affect me being able to execute trades on the app?

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I am very interested in this as well. What happens if I move back to Europe. Will I have to close my ISA? Will my general investment account still be active due to the fact that you also operate in Europe?

Check this link out - very helpful:

Thanks for the reply. I have read this but there are certain companies that do not allow you to keep you ISA with them while abroad e.g. Vanguard and Freetrade. There are other that do allow you to keep it e.g. HL. And actually HL, Degiro allows you to have a GIA and still contributing while living in the EEA. For me this would be a major differentiator. I want to keep all of my accounts with a firm that will not cause me to close my accoutns while moving back to EEA.

Can anyone from Trading212 comment on this please? :slight_smile:

@iaak1983 There aren’t any restrictions to use our app abroad. Enjoy your trip.

@datageek it depends whether you’re about to change your tax country. I’ll DM you to discuss further the topic.


Hi All,

Does anyone know if Trading212 specifically let you keep your S&S ISA account if you move from the UK to abroad? I’m aware that some platforms let you keep your ISA, but you can no longer pay into it, and want to confirm if this is the case for Trading212?

A question for @Team212 - if I was to move abroad and have both Invest and ISA accounts, could I keep my ISA account, and switch only the Invest account to another country (and continue using the Invest account)?

Thanks in advance!

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read from around here should answer your question. you cant contribute but it appears keeping it open is fine.

@Tony.V Also, just to double check, what happens if you choose to sell your ISA shares in the future when you’re not a UK tax resident any longer but you are a tax resident in a different country? I assume that no tax has to be paid in the other country since all contributions to the ISA were done whilst a tax resident in the UK, is that correct?

Nope. You are free from UK tax but if you become tax resident in a new country you will need to follow that country’s tax laws. Which more likely means you will need to declare your gains like if you had a local account in that country.

ISAs only work as ISAs in the UK.


I see, so basically, in this scenario, to avoid paying tax on my ISA investments I would have to return back to the UK, become a tax resident again and cash out (or continue my ISA investments) and in the mean time, while abroad, do any investments on the Invest T212 account.

Looking online there’s not really much “detailed” info regarding this scenario. Might have to do some more research later if it comes to this.

Hi, I’d like to know if is possible to keep my investment account if moving to an EU country…whether ISA or general investment account.

I read that is ok to keep ISA, but that you can not add more money to it if moving abroad…just wondering if address/contact details can be changed but keep the account in GBP


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Hey @dropbrick :wave: ,

Surely, if you move to another EU country, you will not be able to add more money in your ISA, but you will be able to keep your CFD/GIA accounts that you have with us.

If you haven’t already, I would recommend you double check this article in our Help Centre - as it would definitely shed some more light on the matter.

Nonetheless, if you still have any additional questions - feel free to PM me or reach our team, using this form- Submit a request – Trading 212 - we will be more than happy to assist you further :v:

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That’s interesting as most brokers will “freeze” the accounts.

To be more specific @B.E are you allowing trading on GIA and ISA ? or can I just hold the shares and that’s it.

Also since you are also in Europe, does that make it possible to move the GIA to a new bank account based in the country of residency even if opened initially in the UK ?


@dropbrick If you move from the UK to an EU country, you will continue to hold your CFD, Invest and ISA account and they will not be frozen. Nonetheless, you’ll need to inform us about the change.

In regards to ISA, once you change your residential address you’ll be only able to use the already deposited funds but no further contributions should be made to it. Please keep in mind that if you change your residential country, the profits in the ISA may be subject to taxation from the new country. You should contact your tax authorities for more information regarding this matter.

If you are referring to share transfers, they are not yet facilitated on the platform.

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That’s fantastic! I think you are one the few brokers that allows that. Taxation on any income yes needs to be paid even if it’s from an ISA as it’s just another account for other countries…