Trading opened short position on my behalf?

Tried to close my positions in $LLIT 30 minutes prior market close with limit sell. After hitting the limit but ‘limit sell’ not closing the position (?), I cancelled the ‘limit sell’ and market sold my shares. I have the confirmation and I see that transaction in my history.

4 minutes after market close (!) I received a notification: order placed on my behalf to protect me from negative balance. Basically Trading212 opened a short position for me.


  1. How can the platform open a position for me after market close without my consent?
  2. Why does ‘limit sell’ freeze for minutes-hours then trigger a transaction?
  3. How is it possible to short on the investing account?
  4. Is free fund at risk?

Check pictures below.

Képernyőkép 2021-01-28 221925

I had a the same thing happen to me yesterday - sounds like a problem on their end. Would like to see a response from 212.

I have funds missing, can’t transfer funds , from yesterday trading212 opening and closing position on my behalf even I have no idea whats going on on this platform

@Snootypumpkin After checking your account, I think you will find the information in this thread useful: URGENT: Stock value in negative glitch - #3 by Cashurkash.

What happened to your position is the same as the described scenario in the cited thread, only the quantity is different.