Trade Rejected on Limit Sell order

Hi Guys,

I’m fairly new to T212 but recently started coming across an issue. I’ve seen it a few times before on various orders but today it seems to be relentless. Every time I try to place a limit sell for LOND: RDSA (Shell) I get trade rejected. I’ve tried various prices - some very close to the current price, and some a good 2-3% away.

Does anyone have any ideas?

How much of your funds are you trying to use?

There is a limit of 95% of your current funds on a single transaction because of the market price possibly varying, and if you don’t have enough funds at the time of a transaction getting logged your position cannot open because of lack of funds.

Could this be what is causing your issue?

Hi @Dao, thanks for replying.

I was only selling around £46 worth of shares and I have around £56 of uninvested balance. More to the point though, I’m selling here, not buying, so I’m not sure why the limit would be applied in relation to my balance?

The funds restriction was all that came to mind, sorry I wasn’t of any help. How liquid is the stock? If the liquidity is low, I know that you can face issues executing orders. If the stock is still liquid, then nothing comes to mind.

No worries at all, I appreciate the replies.

I’d expect it to be fairly liquid, especially at the moment.

Hi @JAC2703

Could you ping us if it happens again? We tested everything out & all seems fine. Orders are being placed without any issues.

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Hi David,

I have an open pos that is around 5% of my account balance. I have a stop on the pos but I now want to add a limit sell. I click on the ‘sell’ button on the open pos and try to add a limit sell order for half the position. Current price is $0.45 and I want to sell half the pos at $0.49. When I try it says I need to own stock in order to sell. I am sure I have the stock. I have used this feature before but not encountered the issue. The price spread is $1. Can you advise please?

@DicJonesOCP You can currently place only 1 type of sell order for the whole quantity. Since you currently have a stop sell for all of your shares, you can’t have a limit sell for all of them as well.

We’ll build on this feature in order to make both pending orders viable at the same time.

Thanks David. That makes sense as this is the first time I have tried to sell half the pos.
Thanks for the quick response too!