Trading212 "Invest"\"ISA" not allowing to simultaneously set "Sell Limit" order (to take profit) as well as set "Stop Loss"

In trading212 “Invest” and “ISA” while holding a long position, I am unable to set “Sell Limit” order (to take profit) as well as set “Stop Loss” (to cover downside risk) at the same time.
If I try to do this, it says “I need to buy the stock first” although I already hold the stock.
Why isn’t there a functionality to set ‘take profit’ and ‘stop loss’ at the same time like it exists in trading212 “CFD” portal?
When will this functionality be built into the “Invest” and “ISA” portal? Any update?
This is a huge limitation and causing inconvenience.
I have seen other users also having raised it already in the community section. Can someone from trading212 technical team kindly look into this and provided the needful update with regards to its implementation?


honestly doesn’t seem like that much of an inconvenience, if it’s available on CFDs why must you replicate that account within the very different invest/ISA accounts? you are trying to tell the system to sell your share twice so it’s not a surprise it won’t let you.

I’m having the same issue…

Would like to see these options on the ISA and INV accounts.


He’s just asking for the same feature in ISA/INVEST what’s wrong with that?


i would live this option to…

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I agree that a Take Profit (Sell Limit) and Stop loss order should be added for the Invest/ISA version to cover upside and downside risk at the same time.
@George @David: Can you please provide an update on whether this is being looked into?
Thank you

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It will be great to have it, if possible.

We already have it? When I place a trade that I want a quick scalp, I press sell, limit, and place the price slightly higher to which it automatically sells at the limit which is pretty much the take profit feature. I also set my stop losses using the stop tab, and the features you are suggesting already exists in invest/isa?

Oh right just double checked, to place take profit and stop loss order is indeed not possible atm, my bad. We do need the ability to place both, because at the moment its either one or the other

I’d like to see this - feel like it would be a safety feature to protect against extreme volatility - although I understand the long term nature of invest / isa accounts kind of make this redundant, as a newbie I’d feel more comfortable investing more if there was a parachute to stop large losses through inevitable novice mistakes.

We need OCO orders asap. Your competitors such as IG also do not have it on their ISA account, so you can gain an edge here. People are asking for this feature over and over again, on both platforms.

In the old version there was a clear indication of take profit and stop loss. I believe both could be implemented at the same time, but that feature has been removed.

Currently, we don’t have the ability to place both, and we have to choose one. Will we ever have the ability to do so? @George @David

That hasn’t been removed you can still do OCO in CFD

And you can toggle to set both TP and SL

As the title suggests, we are referring to the Invest/ISA not the CFD

And that screengrab would have been from CFD as you can’t go short in Invest/ISA

You are talking about a feature that was removed, but it was never there to be removed?