To sell this equity you need to buy it first


Received this message when trying to make a limit order on Kitov Pharma.

Very strange, set 12 shares to sell at 1.1400 and got that message, keeps repeating as well.

Most likely, you already have a pending sell or a market order on the position you want to close. To execute the order above you would have to cancel all pending or previous orders.

Oops, my apologies.

Totally correct.

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Was looking for information on this topic and this is relevant to my query so jumping on this thread - hope you don’t mind.

With re: to having a pending sell or market order on the position - I am trying to put in a sell limit order which is above my current position (to take profit), however, am getting the same error (to sell this equity you need to buy it first).

I already have a stop loss on this position.

The explanation in the thread means that one cannot have a stop loss and take profit sell order on the same stock. Is that correct or am I missing something here?



At present, in the Invest or ISA account, you can’t.


Platform seems to be missing basic functionality imo in that case…