Trading212 Invest vs ISA

Frankly as there is no fx premium fee with 212 then you may as well have it all in isa and buy US stocks when you want. The main reason for having a usd account with other brokers was to avoid fx charges on each buy and sell which we don’t have with 212.


Cheers Froop. The only drawback really then, that i can see, is that there might be a moment where i’d like to sell a US stock and not necessarily buy another US one straight away - which would be the only way to avoid having to worry about forex fluctuations playing into the equation. In the sense that if I park the money after a sale (USD stock >> now in GBP), I might perhaps be at a bigger loss when I do decide to re-invest due to worse currency exchange rates. You could of course gain too, but it’s been looking otherwise.

This is of course given that I’m 99% interested in US stocks. If you are not wanting to park USD until you are ready for another purchase, and reinvest straight away, I can see how the no fx charges makes this a null argument

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I can see that argument but I would ask what is your primary currency you use in day to day life. If ultimately your expenses and future purchases/ retirement is in GBP then the exchange rate when in cash doesn’t really matter.

If you are hoping to make an fx gain in between stock holdings then you are effectively deciding to play a usd/gbp long with your whole account while you find stocks.

In other words if you were in £ account, would you be going long usd/gbp ( or short, cant remember which would be which!) In the times you didn’t have a stock to hold…?

Either way, It’ll be fine, I just think the tax advantages of isa is crazy good. I myself have not paid cgt due to the isa, which in a normal account wd have amounted to almost 6 figures cgt…