Trading212 ISA going into the new tax year


I opened a Trading 212 ISA last year, I didn’t use any of my allowance (and thus lost the allowance for the 2020 tax year).

I noticed today my Trading212 ISA states “Utilise your ISA to its maximum potential. Deposit 20k before 6th April 2021” - does this mean Trading212 have automatically re-opened my ISA for this tax year, and as a result I cannot open another one?


the T212 ISA account doesn’t close just because the tax year changed. since the account was opened last tax year you are free to open a new stocks and shares ISA with another provider this tax year should you choose.

I see, and does this mean I could open a new ISA, as well as continue contributing to the Trading 212 ISA?

Or if I start putting cash into the Trading212 ISA again, does this become my ISA for this year also?

I can see that you haven’t accepted the 2020/2021 ISA terms. Therefore, your account is not activated yet. Here is what you’ll see from your end:


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