Trading212 jobs

Hi all,

Trading212 seems to be really innovating and doing some amazing work disrupting the brokerage space. Was looking on linkedin to see if you’re hiring as I’d love to be involved.
Where’s the best place to keep an eye out for if/when trading212 are hiring?

Also, would love to hear if there’s ever an IPO.

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Yeah, curious too. I’d put my hand up for helping in operations too. Particularly interested in the securities lending operation if T212 have space for an operations nerd with experience of running equity trading operations! :nerd_face:

Another one :raising_hand_woman:t2: Can start today

Well well. I am curious if members of the community can work in the same company that provides the services they use :sweat_smile:

Seems like Trading212 just got a quick and easy channel to recruit talent.

Who says Recruiting is hard?

In house recruiters? Outsourced recruiters? Agencies? Costs?

Nah… poach from your community! This actually makes a lot of sense.


I’m going on to my final year of my sport degree, if that’s any use :man_shrugging:t4::man_shrugging:t4:

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I work in hospitality, I can sort out the after-work socials and beer. Unfortunately that’s all I can tip my hat to … :cry:

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I guess most commenting aren’t willing to move to Bulgaria and there’s no value in overpaying people in the UK

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Very true. Good point.
I ‘think’ there is a small London operation but I’m not entirely sure.
Remote is pretty viable these days I’d assume.
Reality of living in the UK or Netherlands but doing remote work on a Bulgarian based salary…,., Yeah, unrealistic I’d think.

Places that work internationally tend to have teams in various countries so there is also someone at hand with the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with an issue. even if they are smaller in size.

these days it makes sense to think that local teams no longer need to be in a single city for in-person meetings. having a registered location and working entirely online seems to be the next step :stuck_out_tongue: though that has its difficulties too xD

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True. I have worked for a company with employees worldwide. Slack was the way to communicate. People worked in shifts due to different timezones, so there were always people around for almost 24/7.


I sat as chairman of a Crypto company council and we all used zoom or slack to communicate. Spent time out in various countries also. Some support staff would be the way forward help get through all those tickets

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I bank with the same company i work for so why not?

Banking and investing are not the same thing. As an ex-bank employee, I had to request permission for every single trade.

The company i work for dont have those kinds of restrictions as long as i don’t trade anything that could be considered with insider knowledge. I don’t work in commercial or customer-facing so very rarely come across anything which could impact any investing/ trading.

They have jobs listed here if you are Bulgarian.

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