Trailing stop operating incorrectly - ✅ Solved

Trailing stops are supposed to change only when the price makes a new peak in the favoured direction. As you can see from the screen prints below, the trailing stop is also moving when the price is moving unfavourably. This seems dangerous to me because, as I am short, the price could move unfavourably forever and I would never get stopped out. Please note the time at the top of the screen prints to ensure application of the correct context.

Hello @Kencun,

The window on the screenshots is only for applying the desired Trailing Stop Loss by setting the distance and so the price visualisation is the first price at which it will be set. Once activated you can follow it’s actual trigger price in the details of your positions.

You can read more about it here:

How can I see or set this feature please?

The link (help) shows screenshots too quickly and the written instructions don’t correlate with what I’m seeing; plus I don’t see ‘TS’ in the settings panel of the web platform.

Available on CFD only at present.

Bummer. Thanks though :smiley: