Transaction Fee and FINRA fee : how to trace the stocks back?

As this is my first time on TR212, I receive my first Monthly statement.
And in it, there was the line : Equity charges and fees: -0.03

He received a reply from TR212 support that I have been charged for :
Transaction Fee
The Transaction Fee (Securities and Exchange Commission) is $0.0000207 of the value of the sale order.
The FINRA fee is charged on all covered stock and ETF sales at $0.000119 x quantity sold. There is a minimum charge of $0.01.

This is fine. But my questions:
1- are these 2 amounts the sum of all the transactions I made during the months (i.e. not matter what stocks were involved) ?
2- or do these 2 fees only apply only to specific stocks ? And then is it possible to find out which particular stocks generated these 2 fees ? (remark : I only have US stocks in my portfolio. No ETF).
3- if only buying ans selling US stocks (i.e. no ETFs), is there a way to avoid one of those fees ? And if yes, which fee, and how ?

Thank you and regards for your comments :slight_smile:

Wow no single input in 5 days.
Was my question so difficult ?


No offence, but it is not worth the effort to search how to avoid 3p in charges.

just as you are free to post questions others are free to answer or not :sweat_smile:

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You can trace back which operations had generated fees or commissions, by seeing the daily “Contract Note Statement from” email.

When you find that transactions, you can confirm in the “Additional info” of stock (or other financial instrument) if they had any commission or fee.

In the future, you can always see:

  • Before the transaction on “Additional info” of stock (or other financial instrument);

  • During the transaction, when you make the order, in the pop-up/notification window;

  • After the transaction on “History”.

Thanks a lot RLX for your input. Very usefull indeed.
In the emails, I found the culprit : GEO/US36162J1060

Have a nice day !

Thanks for the info RLX