Transfer cash LISA to T212 S&S ISA?


Is it possible to transfer my cash LISA from Newcastle Building Society to my T212 S&S ISA? I already have both opened

If not possible to T212, can it be done by transferring to a third-party and then to T212?


you can only withdraw from a LISA to buy a house or in retirement. If you make a withdraw before a defined age other than for buying a house you will have to pay back a % to the government because of the deposit bonuses paid in a LISA

Hmm I was thinking maybe it could be transferred while paying back the bonus, since it took up part of my ISA allowance

You can’t pay back the bonus from general savings if that is what you were thinking.

If you withdraw/transfer money from a LISA the LISA manager will repay 25% back to HMRC. So if you put Β£4,000 in the government added Β£1000 to that giving you Β£5000. The 1000 was additional to your isa allowance in that year. If you have doubled the investment and the lisa balance is now Β£10,000 you will pay back Β£2,500 to HMRC if you withdraw the 10,000 unless it is for a house purchase or you are over 60.

You should be able to transfer (cash) from LISA to share ISA but the LISA manager will repay HMRC 25% of the transfer

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