Transfer share between broker

So actually my bank does not make me pay anything for transferring in my assets but only pay for transferring out. Which I asume is normal. Hence T212 needs to let people go if they need and make them pay a fee. Simple as that.


Hey! I’m super interested to hear from you @Jeffrey_C how the attempt at transferring went! Did T212 get back to you?

Anyways, for anyone interested on this thread @JustLookingThx @FreakStorm @lamprosg @Dividendenfreunde @imichael2006, there is now a poll for most wanted features over on this thread Most Wanted Features Poll 2022!

I’m assuming a lot of you would want to head over and give in-specie transfers an upvote, so we can get T212 to provide us with a committed timeline for this feature.

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They are not willing to do it… quoting: “I will forward your request as a suggestion for the feature to be added, however, at this moment, we do not offer such a service. We are not able to make an exception, as the option of asset transfer does not exist.”

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Thank you for your reply @Jeffrey_C ! I will still make an attempt. The more people that do, the more pressure it puts on the to actually prioritize it, I suppose. Will update you here once I hear back for sure!