Transfer Shares from Invest to ISA

Hi T212 team,

Thank you for the great product, I enjoy using it. The title is my question really. I have some residual shares in my invest account. I realise I could sell them, then transfer the cash and rebuy, but that would involve losing a margin. Is there a way for the shares to be transferred?

Many thanks in advance for your advices.

As seen before you must sell your shares and repurchase them, unfortunately. Is a shame as I’ve lost a little money doing so, but it wont matter much in the long term.

Just sell and buy one or two at a time, minimum £10 to transfer money between accounts. Also add a little bit of extra cash into your ISA due to the 5% rule, or else it wont let you purchase the full amount of shares again. The faster you can do this the better.

You could also place limits for full shares so that it will sell above a certain price and buy below a certain price. This way you’ll need to deposit the money to buy the shares in the ISA, and you’ll receive this money again when the sell order goes through. But if you have the cash, putting the buy and sell order on at the same time at the same price you won’t lose money, and may actually make money. On less liquid stocks, maybe you’ll just be buying the share off yourself lol :thinking: All the best anyway!

Thank you for replying and confirming. I’ll set some buy and sell orders since I’m keeping a little cash at hand during this time. I suppose part of my reluctance is that some of my shares have an ex-dividend date this week, so I’m going to have to hold them until that’s paid.

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It will be useful to see how much money one deposited in his ISA account, just to make sure we stop at £20k per year, otherwise we will be in violation of brittish law no ?
Currently I can see total Account Value, but that includes capital gains also.
Thank you

Above portfolio overview there is section where you can see isa utilisation for current year

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