Transferring an ISA from the current tax year

I’ve got a stocks and shares ISA with Freetrade that I opened this tax year. But the fees & lack of choice for non plus members has made me want to transfer it.

To fill in the transfer form I need an existing Trading 212 ISA account number. But when I look at the terms for the Trading 212 ISA when I go to open one - it says you cannot open one if you have already opened one with another provider in this tax year.

Since I’m opening the Trading 212 ISA solely to transfer all my existing funds from this year’s ISA - presumably that is OK and I can go ahead and open the account? Various advice I have read online says it is fine to transfer an ISA at any point in time provided you transfer the whole balance.

P.s. I did try to ask this question on your chat, but I closed the app before I read the reply and the chat simply went back to the start again.

To my understanding you are only allowed to open and contribute to one stocks and shares isa per tax year.
When you transfer a isa, sadly hmrc views it as a new isa so therefore not allowed under there rules.
I am also in similar situation but waiting to new tax year to open one and currently using gia account at moment.

Contact the team and they will give you the required info. I transferred this years tax isa from Freetrade to Trading 212 and it was completed from start to finish in around 8 days.
I’ve been super impressed with Trading 212. A market leading top company and investment platform :+1:t3::ok_hand:t3:

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