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The website refers to an ISA transfer authority form, but I can’t find that form anywhere. Any ideas anyone?

I would also like to know :slight_smile: How do I transfer money into the 212 ISA from an existing cash isa?

Hey guys :wave:,

Sure thing - here you go. :v:

Does anyone know how to obtain the transfer authority form - I can not find it on the website anywhere. The page in Tony’s link talks about the form but there is no form, nor any link to a form, on that page.

We’ll add it in the link above. In the meantime, I’ll ask our team to send you the form via email - check your DMs.

I’ve filled out an ISA transfer form to transfer in to T212 for this Tax year. I’m just missing a T212 ISA account number. Should I open the T212 ISA to get the number and just not pay into it until it’s transferred ?

I intended a T212 ISA from the outset this tax year but with everything going on I failed to cancel my standing order to my existing provider so have added funds this tax year.

@Rishi I’ll send you a DM with the requested information. :v:

Hi @Tony.V, I’m in a similar situation as @Rishi. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I’ve gathered so far, it is OK to open an ISA as long as you do not add funds to it (the jargon seems to be to “subscribe” which threw me off at first as I thought it meant “opening an account”). So I went ahead and opened an ISA, but the account number is not visible anywhere. Am I missing something? How can one find this number? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

@Balint Our team will reach you in a moment. :mailbox_with_mail:

Hi Tony, @Tony.V

I made a couple of mistakes. 1) didn’t cancel my monthly subscription with my current ISA provider so have paid in £100 this ISA year. And 2) opened another ISA with £1k.

Bottom line, I want Trading 212 to be my ISA of choice and have opened an account. However, will need to transfer both the above into it.

Is this possible, and do I need to fill in two forms?

Appreciate your help in advance, would be great if someone could contact me personally.


@Matt123 In theory, we can migrate your accounts, and you’ll have to submit 2 separate transfer in forms.

Nonetheless, before starting the whole process, I’d recommend you to reach out HMRC, and to explain them the case. They need to be informed in advance if you wish to avoid any further inconvenience.


Thanks for your response. I have contacted HMRC and they have noted this on their system for me. They have advised me that the ISA manager of the ISA provider is authorised to transfer these in as appropriate.

Hence I will begin the process and complete the two separate forms.

Could I please get in contact with your ISA manager just so I can confirm everything will be in order? Are you able to drop me a message? I want to avoid any problems at the end of this ISA year when HMRC review the ISA details…

Thanks again.

@Matt123 Sure thing - reach us out at, and we’ll take care of the matter.

Hi Tony,

I have just opened a Trading 212 ISA and want to transfer my existing Cash ISA funds into it.

As I have not added any money to my Cash ISA this tax year, this should be a no-brainer.

I have downloaded and completed the ISA Transfer Application Form. The only information that I am still missing is my new Trading 212 ISA account number. I presume the Trading 212 ISA account number corresponds to the “reference number” that one needs to indicate when making a deposit via bank transfer. Can you confirm this before I sign and send off the ISA transfer form?


Hi Tony,

Wonder if you (or one of your team) could let me know if you are currently processing Cash ISA transfers, for those already with a T212 ISA?

And if so, what sort of timepsan are we looking at from transfer form to cash in the account.

Hey @PeakOwl :wave:,

Yes, that type of transfer is possible.

Let me DM you for more details.

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