TRET - dividend withholding tax on ucits etf

I own VanEck Global Real Estate UCITS ETF (ISIN NL0009690239) in T212 and I also keep exact same amount on an other broker (interactive brokers).

Few weeks ago (13/9) I received 0.33 EUR per share as a dividend on both brokers but only T212 applied withwolding tax of 15% .

Does anyone else have similar experience on a UCITS etf?

I have opend a ticket already but I had no convincing answer.

I think this ETF is domiciled in the Netherlands, so withholding tax will likely be due.

Generally, you want ETFs to be domiciled in Ireland or Luxembourg.

It’s one of the cheapest global property ETFs but this is the big reason why I never invested.

You may want to look at an alternative such as HPRO which is more liquid, a shade cheaper and domiciled in Ireland.

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