TSE - Toronto stock exchange

Toronto stock exchange…

Does anyone know what apps (like t212 = free deposits & buys) we can use to buy stocks from it?

( I want to buy ‘Social Media and Gaming Inc’ TSE:SCR or OTCMKTS:TSCRF )


I think TSE is awesome, would love to have access @Team212

Not sure why your post has been hidden? Not like T212 offer Canadian Exchanges yet so don’t see a problem in you asking for suggestions…

Degiro has Canadian Exchanges and have very reasonable fees. Just checked and can confirm SCR is available on their application.

Definitely not as easy to use as T212 is but it’s a good back up option for stocks currently unavailable here.

Hope that helps!

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It is in pipeline, but timelines are questionable.


really appreciate this, thank you.

would be cool if we could see what’s in the pipeline ( a public roadmap) or a list of live improvements t212 are currently working on.

This would save the admins time having to repeat things, just a thought