Uplist from OTC to TSE/CSE stocks question


As far as I am aware Trading 212 does not provide access to the Toronto Stock Exchange or Canadian Stock Exchange. I currently hold several OTC stock that may up-list to either CSE/TSE in the future. What would happen to my stocks?



its very likely you will still have access to an OTC market of those shares or that by such time one of the exchanges is added to T212’s line-up.

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Hey @jthorpe1 :wave:

You are right- at the moment, we don’t provide access to the CSE/TSE, however, facilitating such is definitely on our To-Do list.

Until then, if the stocks in your portfolio go from being traded OTC to being traded on the aforementioned exchanges, they will be sold at the market and proceeds distributed accordingly.

Feel free to DM me or anyone else from the team if any questions come up!

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