TUI Share offer

Just curious if anybody knows the date shares from the TUI share offering will be deposited?

@Tony.V @David can answer that only.

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I’d thought it was supposed to be today but no sign so far.

Yes i am waiting on mine too. Plenty of online chatter from other shareholders on other platforms getting theres so not sure why the delay on T212…

I found this from an earlier thread, makes me wonder, if we were supposed to get them on the 26th, did we all lose potential profit on the delayed issuing?

“ The Company’s shareholders will be offered 25 New Shares for every 29 existing shares they hold (Subscription Ratio) on the Record Date (as defined below) at a subscription price of €1.07 per New Share (the Subscription Price).
Investors holding depositary interests over the Company’s shares (DIs) on 11 January 2021 will be credited with pre-emptive subscription rights (DI Pre-Emptive Rights) that will allow them to acquire additional DIs representing New Shares at the Subscription Ratio and at the Subscription Price. Investors may exercise their DI Pre-Emptive Rights from and including 12 January 2021 (after being credited with them) up to 10:00 (GMT) on 26 January 2021 (the DI Subscription Period). ”

@Tony.V @David whats the latest on the tui share issue adjustment please?

Id like to know what the eta is also

They should be transferred till Monday latest.

They were just posted to everyones account

Much appreciated, mine have just turned up.