Rights issue, still waiting

Hi anyone know how long this will take to come into my portfolio?

I have not got mine either :frowning:

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I wonder when we will get them and IF we get them…

Did T212 not detail the timelines?

‘New’ shares from the placing and open offer (it’s not technically a Rights Issue at all) should start trading 27 JULY … long time away!

22 June was just an administrative date as T212 needed to submit applications by 23 June.

Sit tight
But current history suggests this kind of operation is not going smoothly for T212 if The Ted Baker open offer was anything to go by!!!:man_facepalming:t3:

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What you see in the email is all I got… confirmed and paid but not heard a thing…

Bad communications by them then

But, for now, nothing for you to do

Wait til 27 July and start emailing them when your shares don’t get credited to your account and the share price is falling and you’re incurring loses but you can’t sell.

(Obvs I am not Nostradamus :wink:)

Post issue dilution suggests a theoretical price of about 23p (Based on price now, 29/6) but you’ve got weeks for that to change due to the lag with pay date

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