U.S. Presidential Elections Trading Notice

Hi T212,

Two quick questions on the recent U.S. Presidential Elections Trading Notice communicated by T212.

For reference:

In light of the potential market volatility associated with the upcoming United States presidential election, scheduled to be held on 03.11.2020, maximum trading quantities for both long & short positions might be subject to immediate change without prior notice. Margin requirements will stay the same throughout the election.

  1. Can you confirm that positions already opened before maximum trading quantities are changed, will not be effected? i.e. If I have a long quantity total of 500 opened as of today, and the maximum is changed to 400 on 03.11, the 500 will remain open (without 100 automatically closing). Instead, if I were to close 100, I would then just be unable to open any further positions.

  2. And to lesser importance, how long, hypothetically, do you expect this period to continue, if not just for November 3rd?


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  1. Open quantity will not be affected.
  2. Probably no later than 06.11.2020.

Thank you @David :+1: