UCITS Dividends

Do UCITS pay dividends? I’ve invested in S&P 500 High Dividend Low Volatility (HDLV) which according to this https://www.nasdaq.com/market-activity/funds-and-etfs/sphd/dividend-history pays dividends monthly.

Last payment day was 31st July but I havent received anything. Is this meant to be?

UCITS is a pan European piece of regulation to allow/simplify cross border sales of unitised funds. It (in itself) has no direct relevance to dividends. Funds either do or not pay dividends regardless.

Assuming you actually hold HDLV then frequency looks Quarterly to me

Last div paid June … next div paid end Sept

Probably best to understand what you actually purchased!!!:upside_down_face:

The difficult thing about UCITS is that the information available is so much less than their US equivalent!

I just assumed it would be the same payout as SPHD since they’re essentially the same. Thanks though!

Well thank MIFID 2 and PRIIPs for that. I was hoping we were going to get rid of these after Brexit but apparently they’ll stay.

As far as I can remember EUC made an announcement like this: (May be I remember some words differently but still factually accurate)

You cannot buy VNQ or SPY that is way too dangerous for a retail investor… well because it does not have a document we just came up with! Instead you’ll have to buy something that is domiciled in Ireland because none of those companies will care about writing a KIID document for their US domiciled ETFs. Why would they? when they can package the same thing in here and increase the amount they charge 7 to 20 times.

Yeah… yeah… penny stocks and CFD and many other tools are are way more dangerous than a professionally managed ETF we are well aware but who cares about the risk, and the retail investors? we just came up with this because some very wealthy and powerful people asked us to create ways for them to make more money.

Although this makes no sense, you have no voice or vote on making a decision on this, try to reach or find someone who votes on this piece of legislation (lol)


If an ETF pays dividends, it is mentioned in the name:

Dist = distributing (dividends)
Acc = accumulating (no dividends)

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While that’s certainly true of mutual funds, which seem to routinely have ‘Inc’ or ‘Acc’ appended to their name, I find it hit and miss with ETFs. More oft than not, I have to do a little digging on justetf.com to find whether an ETF’s accumulating or distributing.

True. Not all use it consequently.