Vanguard Total Stock Index VTI ETF

Are you planning on adding VTI ETF?
I’m even more interested in an accumulating version of it!


I dont think that ETF can be sold to European/Uk investors as I believe its not UCITS compliant.

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Exactly. A part of my portfolio follows Bogleheads. Those ETFs aren’t available in Europe unfortunately.


Can you share with us what do you think is the best alternative for it when it comes to European/UK investors?

Thank you in advance!

The site “justETF” is a good source of research on authorized European ETFs (and also with some articles on ETFs).

Just choose the country of residence. For EUR-denominated ETFs, Germany is a good starting point (you can choose the English language).

Also Morningstar (for EUR investors, just choose a EUR country Morningstar, e.g. Morningstar Ireland, as Morningstar UK converts all indicators for GBP).

You can complement that 2 sites for ETFs. Those are more than enough for a well done ETF research. Also don’t forget to do the proper due diligence on the ETFs’ issuers sites.

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I created a pie with S&P 500 (80%) and USD Treasury bond (20%)

Both are ETFs traded in Euro. UK investors could choose LSE alternatives traded in GBP