UK Banking Stocks

Prime example of a bubble stock on a red day

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Bought into Lloyds at 27p a share.

Plan on holding for the Divs but glad I got in at that price. :slight_smile:

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I got in at around 31, they’re in my UK pie so I’ll be adding monthly as well for a few months.

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I only got 100 and stopped as other stocks looked interesting but maybe I should add some more whilst it is still undrrvalued

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I bought lloyds last year at 25.50 and 29.07 @Venetia1993 did you buy yours today?

Difficult to monitor this stock cos am up by 26% tho still currently a cheap stock to buy

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Looks likes a bargain! (Lloyds below)


Jesus, the prices on some of the UK banks nowadays. I’m sure folk who’ve been buying the dip in UK dividend payers will be sitting on some big capital gains and a healthy income before long.

Tempting as it is, I try not to trade and I don’t have the balls to jump back in after lucking out by dumping LLOY, HSBA and the rest of my high-yield portfolio at relative highs this time last year.

I suspect as others have said.

  1. Low interest rates.
  2. Higher risk of Mortgage defaults.
  3. Suspension of dividend.

@Jobloggs, take the Fair value figures from wall street as a pinch of salt.


Yeah agree with you on the fair value figures, said that to you before Joe I ignore them.

The high likelihood of England going into full lock down similar to march to be announced tonight, it’s gonna be a shopping spree tomorrow morning :wink:

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Surely most it’s priced it, we all knew it was coming?

I just wanted to say it’s just like gold.

Just because u can see it… Are they not the same?

I guess we would know very soon :wink:

Futures are still up, I’d say with the FTSE at 6500 it’s probably priced in to a point

No you can use gold as a conductor, in jewellery and for other purposes. Bitcoin is a made up medium to transfer money, almost like a cheque. The only value is speculative, there is no base value as such.

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I agree.
But bubbles are nice to see

I hope so but I doubt it. Correction at best with some sectors.

However, I do want to get in on some Utility Stocks should the dip happen.

The US Market went down today though.

Agreed, gold is a commodity and monetary assets and currency in some respects.

Bitcoin is a currency only, and others no other function other than this. Bitcoin however, although volatile is not a bubble and I don’t see it disappearing anytime soon, even if it does have its huge ups and downs.

U.K. euro and us financials are all currently forecast to be overweight holds due to the cyclical nature of coming out of rescission.

Also any chance of interest rates rising will further heighten then potential out performance.

Another good watch for people is industrials but like banking stocks these ares “cool” sectors but who cares about cool, money is money.