UK Stocks Recommendations

Hi guys.

Anyone have any suggestions on UK stocks to look at? Getting conscious of exchange rates!

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Me too…
I prefer UK and EUR shares. I know where I am with them more or less…

Any recommendations?

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3i (private equity company)
Games workshop
Scottish mortgage investment trust - packed with growth stocks

I’ve scottish mortgage investment trust & 3i in my portfolio


Thanks. I’ll check them out!

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Vistry have not been kind to me but seem to be on the rise slowly.

Definitely second GAW and SMT though.

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Just had a quick look, SMTs margin is crazy.

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They are big in Tesla, Tencent, alibaba and amazon… :smirk:

Yeah there are quite a few posts on SMT, predominantly attached to the ARK Innovation requests that pour in. In my view SMT is a better buy that ARK.

LPKF is one company I am looking really into. They are in the Industrial Sector and provide Laser and Electric services.

They changed Management in 2018 and seem to be going upward on the trend.

Based in Germany and apply their supplies across the world.

I recommend you look into them yourself to see whether or not they are a good investment.

BT - but price will increase tomorrow due to buyout rumours.

RR is worth a punt, slightly risky but I doubt this will ever go nil due to government intervention worst case.





I’m personally avoiding all tech and like yourself I’m wary of US stocks as the dollar is pretty strong at the moment and pound weakening.

My suggestion to research: National Grid.
Others that you might want to research: Legal & General, United Utilities, Centrica, Unilever, BT and IAG.

I bought into L&G and Pru at the same time and Pru is performing better. Growth and Dividend-wise.

I´m still waiting for a further dip, mainly cash and gold at the moment :sweat_smile:.

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Everyone knows and loves DGE (including me) they are also at their cheapest levels thx to pandemic, but their business is going nowhere until the end of humanity :heart:

my other favourite is Bunzl who has been raising their dividends for the last… 300 years? :clown_face: they also recovered very well from the covid effect.

I’ve been also buying PNN continuously for the last 15 years, in small amounts. its not exciting, it is a water utility company that pays a healthy dividend so…

next one is CPG, i bought a bag of this recently, but cannot recommend it in good faith, since it is a question mark how it’ll recover, but its price has been hammered thanks to covid so there is decent upside. and up until covid it has been a dividend growth stock.

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How about BP ? ,they are transforming to a renewable energy company

Thanks again guys.

I’m reading a couple of books right now to get clued up on basic valuation methodology etc.

Is there any resources you recommend for UK stocks? The web seems to be inundated with USA stock info.

Subscribe to stockipedia for a month?

Ukadvfn good forums worth a browse

I thought everyone had forgotten Bunzl, they have a good history of changing their business to meet whatever needs there are in the current world.