UK ISA Overhaul?

Dont think anyone’s mentioned this yet, but this sounds appealing. If it goes ahead, it might be potentially difficult to implement unless using current mechanisms there is a bonus ‘Invest in UK’ ISA wrapper that allows you to only buy anything on the LSE and or UK weighted open ended funds.

Ideally I would like to see them go a step further, and have truly flexible ISAs - one ISA wrapper to rule them all, and the ability to use multiple providers in the same year providing you stay within the net deposit limit but a bit more complicated to implement.


I wouldn’t get my hopes high, governments are broke so I don’t see them raising allowance or something useful also i don’t understand what they mean everything isa wrapper stocks and cash in one they do realise you can have cash in stock and shares isa now do they. The only regulation needed is to enforce in species transfer for all providers anything else I m certain they will make worse if they try something

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This is the thing that would really transform the ISA market. More so when interest rates are on the move and cash savers are trying to get the best rates. There are some ISA wallet providers that allow you to split your subscriptions into different pots within the same wrapper. Thats good for those who want to spread across a blend of access and fixed accounts. But you are tied in with the provider.

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